Danny Brown “Old” CD
Danny Brown “Old” CD
Danny Brown “Old” CD
Danny Brown “Old” CDDanny Brown “Old” CDDanny Brown “Old” CD

Danny Brown “Old” CD


Pitchfork called Danny Brown's Old "the best and most resonant album of the rapper's career," SPIN said it's "the most daring record he could've made," and NME claimed it’s "a perfect example of why 2013 is a very exciting time for hip-hop." They did not lie!

1. Side A (Old)
2. The Return (Feat. Freddie Gibbs)
3. 25 Bucks (Feat. Purity Ring)
4. Wonderbread
5. Gremlins
6. Dope Fiend Rental (Feat. Schoolboy Q)
7. Torture
8. Lonely
9. Clean Up
10. Red 2 Go
11. Side B (Dope Song)
12. Dubstep (Feat. Scrufizzer)
13. Dip
14. Smokin & Drinkin
15. Break It (Go)
16. Handstand
17. Way Up Here (Feat. Ab-Soul)
18. Kush Coma (Feat. A$AP Rocky, Zelooperz)
19. Float On (Feat. Charli XCX)