A-Trak "Dirty South Dance" CDA-Trak "Dirty South Dance" CDA-Trak "Dirty South Dance" CD

A-Trak "Dirty South Dance" CD

The much fabled mixtape where Trizzy experimented with electro-rap remixes, just a few months before launching Fool’s Gold with the crew. Artwork by the legend Shepard Fairey. These have been out of print for years and we just found a couple in A-Trak’s basement.

1. Frenchies Act A Fool
2. Walk It Out Trizz
3. Going Down On E
4. Hustlin' Hustler
5. Wampercycle
6. Throw Some D's In Your Life
7. Time To Get Yummy
8. Call That Girl Margherita
9. Quitte La Piste (A-Trak feat. TTC)
10. Feeling For The Pack
11. Touch Your Toes
12. Control
13. MIA-roder
14. Stuntin' Like My Guitar
15. Get On My Pony
16. I Don't Like To Turn Around
17. Knockin' Erol Down
18. My Lovely Outro